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As a perfect compliment to piano study, organ lessons are available from local professionals throughout Southern New Brunswick. Contact us today for help finding a qualified teacher.

The RCCO encourages education of the student both as organist, but also as musician, by basing examinations on organ proficiency, as well as theoretical and musicological skills, and essential, everyday church music "must-knows".



Our centre believes that education is not just necessary for the aspiring organ student, but also that it is essential for even the most experienced of professionals.  In order to maintain a high standard of church music excellence, the  RCCO hosts POW! (Pipe Organ Workshop!) Events for the ongoing professional development of our members.

Remember also that RCCO Examinations are beneficial for organists of any age to attempt.


The RCCO offers a wide variety of scholarships and prizes to members at all levels and stages of their career... even beginners! 

Beginner Scholarships

Scholarships for beginning organists are available throughout the year. Applications for these scholarships are made through the local Centre.

Participation Aid

Awarded annually to a student enrolled in the Summer Academy or attending the Festival to help offset any costs incurred from registration, travel, or accommodation.

Examination Prizes

These prizes are available to be awarded each year based on the results of the examinations, mostly for highest marks in each division.

Advanced Awards

Scholarships are offered to advanced organists and church musicians to support their ongoing education and activity across Canada.


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RCCO National


New Brunswick RMTA


Local Music Festivals



The RCCO holds an Organ Festival each summer, always hosted by a different Centre across the country. 

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Annually, McGill University teams up with us to let organists of all ages learn from world-class teachers.


Examinations provide credentials for members at various levels of performance and musical knowledge.


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