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Royal Canadian
College of Organists
NB South


The NB South Centre is the sole  Royal Canadian College of Organists Centre in New Brunswick, and so acts as a voice for the organ and church music community across the province. We seek to enrich the lives of New Brunswickers by engaging the public in our rich organ heritage and vibrant church music culture, while providing excellent and numerous opportunities for education, achievement, and collaboration.



One of the biggest boons of an organization like ours is its ability and priority to keep organists in the loop.  So much of what an organist or church musician does on a daily basis requires time alone. Between being in the office picking through countless bad choral arrangements, hours in the loft practicing, and everything in between, the fraternity offered amongst its members by the RCCO ensures collaboration, excellence, and consistency, and, most importantly, sanity!  To take part in this community, join today!



New Brunswick is full of historical organs whose churches are less and less able to maintain, use, and keep them. Many of these instruments are in the Saint John and surrounding region. It is part of our mission to ensure that these beloved and artful instruments stay put, and receive the attention they need and deserve!  If an instrument you know and love needs saving, or you'd like to browse instruments currently in need of rehousing or repair, visit our Conservation page for more information.


Church Music

Church Music and maintaining its excellence is at the backbone of the RCCO's mission, both as a community, and as a corporation. With top-notch programming, abundant resources, accessible teaching guidelines, and rigorous examination certifications available through and conducted by the RCCO,  all important aspects of church music are maintained through encouraging education of local musicians, young and old. To learn about our robust examination programming, see below.

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